Our pastors truly embody our motto—Love God, Love People—as they are passionate about the Lord and loving and leading people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus, as well as ongoing discipleship. They have all been deeply impacted and transformed by the power, love, and grace of Jesus, and have fully given themselves to seeing the Kingdom of God expanded within the hearts of the people in our congregation—and in the many people they have yet to meet! They are intentionally evangelistic, committed to carrying out the Great Commission, and are Spirit-led, grace-filled, and relational leaders who truly seek to know and love the people they serve at the Adventure. 

Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself to any of them via email, at church, or join them at a Newcomers Brunch, because they want to meet you, get to know you, and help you grow in Christ.

  • Jodi Van Rhee

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  • Ira Popper

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  • Chase Duncan

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  • Kuulei Lee

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  • Kevin kligmann

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The Adventure has the privilege and blessing of being led by a long-established and dedicated pastoral team that has grown together as friends and partners in ministry over the years. Lead Pastor Jodi Van Rhee, with her late husband and former Lead Pastor, Eric, moved from California with their four kids and cofounded the Adventure Church in 1999. What began in the Van Rhee home as a small and very hope-filled church plant, grew steadily and in 2003 the Adventure moved into its current main campus location in Draper. 

In 2003, Associate Pastor Ira Popper and his wife, Cynthia and two kids, also moved from California to assist in pastoring the growing church, and help meet its many congregational and administrative needs. 

In 2005, Associate Pastor Chase Duncan, an Utah native, and his wife, Daisy, joined the team and targeted ministry to families, youth and kids, Christian Education and graphic design. 

In 2014, The Adventure sent Kevin and Shienna Kligmann to the Philippines to reach the people of Bataan for Christ. Since that time, they have planted eleven churches, are in the process of building an orphanage, have led several hundred people to Christ, and focus on ministering to the destitute and forgotten peoples in that area. Kevin is currently the Division Superintendent of the Foursquare Church in Bataan. 

In 2018, Associate Pastor Kuulei Lee, who was part of the original church-plant team in 2000, joined the team to focus on the Mosaic Women's Ministry, pastoral care, and lead the Young Adults Ministry together with her husband, Doug.