We know—because we've been there—that many people struggle to believe and receive the Good News of Jesus Christ, and even the life of faith thereafter can be plagued with doubt at times, causing us to have to remember and believe this Good News all over again. These are normal experiences in the life of a Christian—a disciple of Christ. There will be seasons spent in the desert wilderness and valleys, and there will be seasons spent on mountaintops—but they are all purposeful to our growth and intimacy in our relationship with God, and each other. We are all in this journey together; God never meant for any of us to go it alone. We need each other for love and encouragement, understanding and exhortation, and to share in one another's burdens and victories along the way. We are very much God's hands and feet in this world, and in the lives of one another.

You have reached this page for reasons unique and personal to you. Maybe you are someone who has never put their faith in Christ and are struggling to do so, or maybe you have done so in the past, but life circumstances have made you doubt and question God's love and goodness. Wherever you may be on this journey of faith, we want to help you move forward in your relationship with God. So first, we'd like to offer you some hope and encouragement through hearing another man's story.

Below is the audio of Eric Van Rhee sharing his testimony of the transformative power of the Gospel that profoundly changed his life—and that can change yours, too. Eric was the founding and lead pastor of The Adventure until his unexpected passing on February 18, 2016. While he is sorely missed, his legacy lives on through his wife, Lead Pastor Jodi Van Rhee, his family, and The Adventure family that had the privilege of sharing in his life and learning from his teaching. Eric was passionate about one thing: sharing Jesus Christ and the work of the cross with anyone and everyone.

We invite you to listen to Eric share his story of redemption in Christ so you can be encouraged and invited to faith. Eric was an antagonistic atheist, living a licentious life, dealing cocaine, and was a man who, like Saul of Tarsus, went about "breathing out murderous threats" when he encountered the Living God and was radically saved and changed in an instant. Eric's story may be unique and unlike your own, but the God who saved Eric can work the same redemptive power in you for your salvation, freedom, and abundant life. 

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Eric had an enormous creative capacity, was very gifted and talented, and often expressed his passion for Christ through various forms of media over the years. During his weekly sermons he occasionally blessed The Adventure with one of his original songs, which were both personal and purposeful, but always pointing us back to Christ and the work of the cross. Have a listen to some of Eric's songs in the media archive below, and may you meet the Living God who loves you with an everlasting love within their lyrics.