We have four Core Classes that we encourage everyone to take regardless of how long they have been in relationship with Jesus At any place along your faith journey, the Holy Spirit will bring fresh life to you through the teaching and relationships built in these classes. They occur regularly throughout the year, so check out the calendar or email to find out when the next class begins!  

In addition to these Core Classes, we offer other Bible studies, typically in 10-week sessions beginning in January, March, and September, as well as ongoing CORE Groups to help us connect in relationship with each other and the Lord! Watch our Growth Path video below.

  • Base camp

    Base Camp is our first Core class--for everyone who is ready to dive into the life of the Adventure, and go deeper with the Lord at any place along your faith journeyBase Camp is a ten-week “EXPERIENCE”—which is defined as, “an event that leaves an impression on someone.”  We address key areas in the life of a Christian, thus making a transformational “impression” in people’s hearts, as well as helping you get connected at the Adventure. For more information about our next Base Camp Class, click here.

  • Summit

    Summit is the "next step" after completion of Base Camp. Although we encourage everyone to take Base Camp, it is not a prerequisite for Summit. Summit is a ten-week class focused on spiritual formation and personal disciplines. For more information about our next Summit Class, click here.

  • GPS

    GPS, another Core Class at Adventure Church, uses The Bible Course to help you navigate your journey through the Bible. This course will help you understand the Bible for yourself as you see the big picture of the Bible storyline-from Genesis to Revelation. Along the way, you will pick up tools and skills to help you read the Bible for yourself.  Each session is interactive with sections of teaching, discussion, and personal reflection. To get more information about the next GPS Class, Click here.

  • Road Map

    Road Map is an "expedition" designed to help you discover who God created you to be, your spiritual gifts, passions, and help you live God's dream for your life. To get more information about the next Road Map Class, click here.