Join us this Sunday as we have a special panel of couples hosted by Doug and Kuulei Lee share about the Proverbs and how they relate to marriage, as we continue our sermon series Family Matters

Ministry Highlight: Youth Summer Camp 2018

Our Youth Summer Camp was a success! 

This year, our kids spent 5 days learning about their identity in Christ, His purpose for their lives, and how to take that purpose to the next level. We are excited to see how they are going to use this new information to impact the Kingdom! 

Thank you to Chase and all of the youth leaders who took time off to go hang out with these kids and love and encourage them, and to everyone who helped sponsor kids so they could go to camp. You make a big difference in our kids lives! 

Cafe Under Construction

We are remodeling our Cafe to make it more functional and spacious. 

Because of this, our Cafe will be closed this Sunday. 

But don't fret, we will be back up and ready to serve your favorite beverages and breakfast snacks next week!

Teachers Needed

Our Wednesday Night Kids Clubs are getting ready to begin, but we need teachers and helpers!

Kids Clubs are a fun way to engage with our young people by teaching them about the bible, doing creative crafts, and encouraging them and hanging out with them!

If you would like to be a part of our Kids Clubs, please contact Daisy at

Back to School Bash

School is about to start and it’s time for our annual Back to School Bash!

Join us on Sunday, August 19th at 12:30 pm at the Draper Campus for water slides, games and lunch!

Parents, while your kids play outside, come inside for a free seminar on Internet Safety as well as suicide prevention. This is a great opportunity for you to get some tools to help your kids before they go back to school. 

Dinners for Six

Three meals over three months.

Dinners for Six is a fun way to make new friends, eat good food, and laugh a lot!

Just sign up online by clicking here and then your group will contact you with more info.

It’s great for singles and couples and we will have groups that are kids friendly! So sign up today! 

Daily Devotional

Did you know we have a weekly prayer and daily scripture reading that we use to go through the Bible as a church?

Our prayer for the week is"Lord, forgive us when we ask You to show us Your glory, and then we will believe. Let our faith open our eyes to see Your glory." - John 11:40

Today's Scripture is John Chapter 13

Visit our church calendar here to see next week's Daily Devotionals.