Simple and Sane Spirituals Workshop

International speaker, author, but most importantly—long-time friend and pastor—Daniel Brown will be making a special visit to The Adventure at the end of October. Some of you will remember his Embracing Grace seminar back in 2014, and this visit we look forward to hearing him discuss a topic he is truly passionate about: "spirituals".

Daniel says, "Even though Paul wanted us all to know about 'spirituals' (i.e., gifts, ministries and operations), the Church today has many questions about what it means to be 'led' by the Spirit or 'move' in the Spirit. In fact, many strange things get done in the Name of the Spirit, so many believers back away from the 'fullness' of the Spirit and settle for much less than what God wants for us. Through simple Bible study, we'll look at the meaning of 'spiritual' gifts, ministries and operations—and how to function in them without surrendering to strangeness. We'll also talk about 'speaking in tongues' and explore whether that is available to all, or just a few gifted ones. Oh, and we'll have lots of fun!"

The Simple and Sane Spirituals Workshop is free and will be held at:

The Adventure, Draper Campus

Friday, October 27th—7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.* 

Saturday, October 28th—9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.*

Invite your friends and family and prepare for a fun, enlightening and educational experience with Daniel!

*This was a late addition to the calendar and conflicts with Man Camp. However, we encourage all the men to go to Man Camp knowing Daniel's teaching will be recorded and made available to them when they return.

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